Leaning Tower of Pisa

Elaborately adorned 14th-century tower (56 meters at its tallest point) with a world-famous lean.

At a mere 55.86 meters height, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is the smallest tower that had achieved this much worldwide recognition.

Piazza del Duomo

Green space that's home to leaning tower

Grassy expanse that's home to the landmark leaning tower and grand marble-striped Pisa Cathedral.

Cattedrale di Pisa

Medieval cathedral with a marble facade

Grand marble-striped cathedral known for its ornate Romanesque bronze doors & carved 1300s pulpit.

Pisa Baptistery

Celebrated acoustics & Gothic sculptures

Large medieval baptistery praised for its acoustics, with panels by renowned sculptor Pisano.

Camposanto Monumentale di Pisa

Elegant cemetery for famous Pisans set around a cloistered quadrangle with restored 1300s frescoes.

The huge harbor chains of the port of Pisa can be seen hanging on the walls of the Camposanto.

Santa Maria della Spina

Petite church with gothic exterior

Small church built in the 1200s featuring an ornate gothic facade, many statues & a painted ceiling.

Natural Park Migliarino San Rossore

Park, nature reserve, hiking, and nature

Sinopie Museum

Historic frescos & outlines on display

1300s building housing restored frescos & their preparatory outlines, relocated from a cemetery.

Palazzo della Carovana

Ornate art-filled palace & university

Late 16th-century palace & university with an ornate façade, housing fine art & sculptures.

Palazzo Blu

Art museum in a 14th-century building

A permanent collection of Italian art, plus temporary exhibitions, in a restored medieval building.

Cathedral Museum

Treasures from the Piazza dei Miracoli

Collected treasures of the cathedral & baptistery, plus etchings of the original Camposanto frescoes.

Orto botanico di Pisa

Arboretum & herbs in botanical gardens

Botanical gardens founded in 16th century with arboretum, medicinal plants, fountains & flowerbeds.

National Museum of San Matteo

Medieval art & illuminated manuscripts

Museum housing collections of medieval religious art, ceramics & illuminated manuscripts.


The Arno River in Pisa is crossed by many bridges

The Arno is a river in the Tuscany region of Italy. It is the most important river of central Italy after the Tiber.

Pisa Charterhouse

Monastery with a natural history museum

This 14th-century Carthusian monastery now houses a monastic library & a natural history museum.

Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri

16th-century church with noted paintings

Late 1500s church featuring Mannerist architecture & celebrated paintings by Vasari & Bronzino.

Fortezza Vecchia

Medieval fort with an 11th-century tower

Imposing medieval fort overlooking the Medici port with tower ruins & by-appointment exhibitions.

Tuttomondo by Keith Haring

Keith Haring mural on a church wall

Colorful, world peace-themed mural painted by Keith Haring in 1989 on the side of a church.

Cittadella Nuova


The Cittadella Nuova, now called the Giardino di Scotto or Giardino Scotto is an old fortress in Pisa.

San Piero a Grado

Catholic church with medieval paintings

Romanesque Catholic church on an ancient site, with portraits of popes up to the 15th century.

National Museum of the Royal Palace

Art museum in a 16th-century building

Circa-1580s space housing a museum with portraits, paintings, sculptures & ancient armor.

Sunlight Park

Water park

Sunlight Park is located in Marina di Pisa

Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa

The Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa is an Italian natural history museum at Pisa. It is part of the University of Pisa and is now located in Pisa Charterhouse 10 km from the city of Pisa in the commune of Calci.

Santa Chiara

Santa Chiara is a Roman Catholic church in Pisa, region of Tuscany, Italy, a few paces away from the Piazza dei Miracoli.

San Michele in Borgo

Vintage church with medieval artworks

Church with frescoes & an arcaded facade, built in the 10th & 11th centuries over a Roman temple.

San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno

Romanesque church from the 11th century

This Catholic church from the early 11th century features Romanesque design & notable murals.

San Nicola

Romanesque church with geometric mosaics

Romanesque 11th-century church with tilting octagonal bell tower & facade with geometric mosaics.

San Michele degli Scalzi

San Michele degli Scalzi is a church located in Piazza San Michele degli Scalzi, in the eastern part of Pisa, Italy. It had also been known as the church of San Michele degli Scalzi in Orticaia, referring to the swampy nature of the site at the time of its founding.

Santo Sepolcro

Octagonal church from the early 1100s

Early-12th-century medieval church built to resemble the rotunda of Jerusalem's Holy Sepulchre.

Santa Caterina

13th-century church with historic pulpit

Gothic-style 13th-century Catholic church featuring a pulpit from which St. Thomas Aquinas preached.

Torre dei Gualandi

Dante Alighieri

The Torre dei Gualandi is a former tower in Pisa, central Italy, now included in the Palazzo dell'Orologio. It is located on the north part of the Piazza dei Cavalieri. The tower was in the right part of the present building, the one without the four-light window.

Graphics Museum

Contemporary graphics in landmark castle

Set in a historic palace, this museum features contemporary graphics, shows & educational events.

Rocca della Verruca

Castle and history

Rocca della Verruca in an ancient stronghold of the Maritime Republic of Pisa, placed on the Verruca mountain, which is the southern cape of Pisan Mountains, Tuscany, Italy.

Palazzo Agostini or dell'Ussero or Red

Palazzo Agostini, commonly known as Palazzo dell’Ussero or Palazzo Rosso (Red Palace), is one of the most beautiful palace in Pisa and one of the main examples of Gothic architecture in Tuscany.

The palace, belonging to the noble family Agostini Fantini Venerosi della Seta Gaetani Bocca Grassi, is home to the Caffè dell’Ussero starting with 1775, and houses the Cinema Lumière since 1899.